Traditionally Ear surgeries usually done with microscope which enable the surgeon to see very small structures clearly.Traditional microscopic ear surgeries are carried out by making incision of 4-5 cms behind the ear and retracting soft tissues around ear.

Our minimally invasive Endoscopic approach to middle ear surgery employs only 1cm incision that to barely visible and no retraction of soft tissue. Dr.Sathish has vast experience in performing both techniques depending on the nature of pathology, individual ear canal anatomy and personal preference. Whatever approach we adopt for the reconstruction of perforated ear drum and damaged middle ear structures, we boast that our success rate is 100%.

Indications for Tympanoplasty
  • Perforated Ear drum with significant hearing loss
  • Perforated Ear drum with intermittent ear discharge
  • Perforated Ear drum with complications i.e Vertigo, Imbalance, Mastoiditis, Facial nerve palsy
Postoperative course
  • Patient can be discharged on the same day or next day
  • Patient can resume normal diet after surgery. Patient is advised not to blow forcefully
  • Patient is advised not lift more than 5 kgs weight
  • Patient is given antibiotics and anti allergic post operatively