Balloon Sinus Surgery

Balloon Sinus Surgery is an advanced Surgical procedure to open blocked nasal/Sinus passages without cutting/removing natural structures of the Nose, blockage is caused by the Inflammation of Sinuses. Balloon Sinus surgery is less invasive, less trauma, causes less pain, less Blood loss. Patient may return to normal activities within 24 hours.

In Balloon Sinus Surgery, The normal Anatomy of sinuses and mucosal tissue isn’t disturbed. No Bone or Tissue removal is required to restore normal sinus functioning, Where as in FESS- The bone & Tissue is removed and the recurrence is also possible.

Balloon Sinus Surgery is safe and effective procedure for chronic Sinusitis patients who are not responding to medications and for uncomfortable/painful sinusitis symptoms. The Air cavities which have to be open to allow mucous discharge, are being blocked due to sinus infection are re-corrected by this procedure.