Stapedotomy is performed to improve hearing, who have a ‘frozen’/‘fixed’ Stapes bone. That frozen bone condition is called otosclerosis. The stapes is the small & last hearing bone in the chain of bones in the middle ear and it is normally mobile and attached through footplate to the inner ear(oval window). Stapes rocks in its position when sound strikes the tympanic membrane. Stapes movement/mobility is very essential for proper conduction of sound into inner ear. A frozen stapes bone causes a mechanical or conductive hearing loss. 

A microscope and laser are used to perform the surgery. The top of the stapes bone is removed and an opening is made into the base, or footplate of the stapes bone. A prosthesis made of Teflon/Titanium is placed between the hole and the incus bone and a vein graft is used to seal the hole.

Post Operative Care

The patient may get discharged within in 24hours. No strenuous activity to be done for one week, and can return to all regular activities after a week. Avoid forceful nose blowing, straining at stools and Air travel for 3 weeks.