Septoplasty is performed to improve nose breathing by straightening septum. Septum is made up of cartilage bone which gives shape to nose and divides nose into two separate nostrils. People with deviated septum may experience difficulty breathing, frequent nose infections and facial pain. A deviated septum may be due by an injury or developmental anamoly. Most of times it is slightly bent to one side of nose without causing any issue. When it is grossly deviated to either side, it interferes with breathing and gives rise to Sinusitis. Surgery is the only way to fix a deviated septum.

Septoplasty procedure is performed under local anesthesia. An incision on one side of your nose is made to access the septum and to lift up the mucous membrane. Septal correction is done with giving incisions inside the nose.There will be no scars outside nose. Only excess/deviated part is removed and utmost care is taken to preserve as much as cartilage possible. After removing deviated part dissolvable sutures are placed to realign straight portion of septum.


Post Operative

  • After Septoplasty, it is usual to have minimal bloody ooze.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed and regular nasal washes to clear mucus and blood clot.
  • Patient can continue with his/her regular activities with in a week.
  • Forceful nose blowing, Exercise and strenuous activity must be avoided for 2weeks.