Hearing Loss Treatment, Hearing Aids Hyderabad

Hearing loss?

No problem.

At Kourm ENT, Dr. Sathish Kumar can permanently fix all your hearing loss problems by offering most advanced solutions on hearing loss treatment.

Also, our latest hearing loss micro aids and accessories provide the complete solution for any hearing problem.

The hearing is very important to us to be able to live and participate in social life more fully. Fluid and small hairs in the inner ear stimulate the auditory nerve. One way to manage hearing loss is getting fitted with Hearing aids. Good hearing helps to notice dangerous signals and alters us like the hole when traveling on road etc.

The ear has 3 important parts namely external ear, middle ear and internal ear.

  • External ear increases sound pressure and focus it on the ear drum.
  • Middle ear containing three ossicles acts like transmitter to transmit the sound from tympanic reflex to cochlear reflex.
  • Internal ear is the most important part, it is used to detect the sound and balance before it travels up to your brain.

The three middle ear bones shudder in a chain and pass the sound waves to the inner fluids of the cochlea. The mechanical vibratory energy is converted into nerve impulses electrical energy that travel up to your brain where they perceived and understood as sound.

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